Monday, September 27, 2010

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson

Yesterday I I learned why saving your work is not only important but a modern marvel as well.  I had been working nearly nine hours on a project for my drawing fundamentals class when I reached for the eraser and knocked over a can of Mountain Dew. I lost more than a full work day's worth of hard work with one small accident. After the frustration of starting over wore off I started to remember how many other projects I had worked on digitally that were lost due to power outages, blue screens of death, automatic updates restarting the cpu, etc. and noticed that this wasn't the first time I've essentially screwed myself over. But after coming to the realization of how many mistakes have cost me hours of work something hit me; the importance of saving projects as you work. True that wouldn't have helped with the Dew incident, but all those other projects could have mostly been unharmed if I had only saved as I worked. Well I decided that since I never seem to remember to save as I work I would have to find some way to save my work automatically. I am proud to say that after nearly half an hour of searching through google links, yahoo answers, and a few computer tech message boards that such a tool does exist! The tool is called AutoSaver and it works with any program that uses Ctrl+s as a hotkey for saving! You can even set the tool to save every 15s, 30s, 1m, 5m, or 30m! I have to apologize to Mac users because this seems to only be compatible with windows :( The Autosaver program is a freeware application so you won't have to pay to download it and you can open and close it as needed or simply  have it open itself when windows starts.

The link to download AutoSaver is here for the .exe file
or here for the .zip

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