Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reach anyone?

Today I finally got Halo Reach and lets just say...  It is awesome, more awesome in fact than Captain Awesome from Chuck. Bungie and Microsoft really stepped it up for this game.  It has all the flare of the past 5 titles (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo 3: ODST), as well as amazing detail in the graphics department.  The campaign as usual truly immerses you in the game from the beginning.  You start out as the new team member of Noble Team, which is a group of 6 Spartan soldiers who seem to be the cream of the crop, and immediately walk onto a seemingly deserted colony outpost on Reach only to realize the Covenant has started to invade.  The graphics, game play, and cut scenes make this game an incredible assault on the senses.  Some of you may say, "oh its just another Halo game, what's the big deal?" The big deal is the huge amount of overhaul the series went through just for this game.  Fully customizable armor, new weapons, including both traditional matchmaking and firefight modes, new story, better graphics, and space combat, etc. make this game worth buying.  The propaganda released to promote this game were both enormous and stunning and have gone farther than ever previously done to promote interest in the game.  The typical Mountain Dew, websites, public beta testing and media ads ran on the impressive side, but they are common for Halo releases.  The short films created were incredible and lead me to wonder if a full fledged Halo movie is now possible, they simply left me wanting more and more.  A Halo movie has long been a fantastic rumor that has flooded the web and has always been stifled by claims that the technology to make it seem real just didn't exist yet; however, these 1.5-5 minute spots have proves now that the technology not only exists but has been proven to work.  For those of you who are anti Xbox, this game could change your views forever.  I recommend to anyone that hasn't played this game to find a friend who owns it, rent it, or buy it because this is the greatest game to date.

Reach Overview
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  1. Well so long class schedule, vector art, and any outside source of entertainment.KP will return to his regularly broadcasting program when or if he has beat the game.
    Mountain Dew to the rescue,